GET TO KNOW YOUR ADVISER - Roy Hall Q: Why do you do what you do? A: I’ve dedicated my life to helping my clients and educating people to plan ahead, whether it’s for their child’s education, wealth creation or their retirement superannuation, also protecting themselves and their families with risk insurance which also ensures that their future plans are protected.  I do it because I come … [Read more...]

” A piece of paper that can change your world”

People say things in life are sent to test us and when you experience tragedy you reevaluate all things. I have had some major moments in my life where for some time I did reevaluate all things. The passing of my younger sister aged 31 years old from cancer, my Dad being diagnosed with kidney cancer and now living with only one very healthy kidney, but like most of us I became a prisoner to this … [Read more...]

Periodic Reviews are more than a necessity

One of the biggest challenges we have when planning for our financial security is determining the difference between what we really need…and what we’d like.   Working with a financial adviser can help identify the difference. This happens when the relationship is first established: when the adviser becomes familiar with your lifestyle, career and financial situation. The adviser will … [Read more...]

Why have Life Insurance…. do i need it?

Let’s start with a quick quiz: Are you married? Do you have dependent children? Do you have other dependent relatives? Do you have major financial obligations? Do you own a business? Do you have a large estate that will take time to distribute?   If you answered yes to any of the questions above, you probably need life insurance. Now that you know this is important for … [Read more...]

It’s a new financial year…get your money working harder for you

It’s a new financial year … get your money working harder for you   Now that you have reviewed your spending habits, set some goals and planned a budget, it’s time to review and potentially refine how you make your money work for you.   Rather than spending your income with the hope of having something left over to invest (which almost never works), set aside a portion of … [Read more...]

Federal Budget should kick-start insurance tax debate

The Abbott Government's decision to cut billions from health and education is set to trigger a review of the GST rate, providing an opportunity for a national debate about insurance taxes. Last night's Federal Budget abandoned billions in future hospital and schools funding to the states, with the measures set to save the Federal Government $80b by 2025. The cut-backs are almost certain to … [Read more...]

It won’t happen to me!

Here are a few statistics to prove otherwise... Stroke – 1 in 6 people will suffer a stroke! (leading cause of long term disability in AUS adults). Heart Attack – A 40 year old has a 1 in 2 (males) or 1 in 3 (females) chance of suffering a heart attack before age 70. On average, an Australian suffers from a heart attack every 11 minutes. Diabetes T1– 1 in 25 people whose parents suffered … [Read more...]

Insurer hit with fines for misleading advertising

ASIC is continuing its crackdown on misleading advertising, fining an insurer $36,000 for breaches in its online and television advertising. Virgin Money was hit with three fines, relating to advertising that appeared on television up until May 2013, and online up until March 2014. The advertisements centred around Virgin Money's Quick and Easy life insurance product, with ASIC finding they … [Read more...]

Total & Permanent Disability (TPD) – Protection when you are not able to work again

Being unable to ever work again due to total and permanent disability would have a serious emotional and financial impact on you and your family. Having adequate cover in place for such an event can help secure your financial future and give you peace of mind. Consider this... You have recently started work as a General Practitioner in a local doctor’s surgery after many years of study. You have … [Read more...]

Life Insurance – Protect the ones you love

Most Australians will insure their car but neglect to insure their most valuable asset – themselves. In fact, many people do not even have sufficient life insurance to ensure their home loan is paid out in the event of their death, let alone provide a lump sum to their families to provide for their future. Consider this... You are married with two children in high school and a $250,000 … [Read more...]