” A piece of paper that can change your world”

People say things in life are sent to test us and when you experience tragedy you reevaluate all things. I have had some major moments in my life where for some time I did reevaluate all things. The passing of my younger sister aged 31 years old from cancer, my Dad being diagnosed with kidney cancer and now living with only one very healthy kidney, but like most of us I became a prisoner to this … [Read more...]

Another aspect to taking care of your children

 The role of parent is challenging in so many ways. We are all busy providing for our children’s health, safety, growth and development. We make sure we protect our lives, our income and our major possessions. There are other ways we can protect our children from some of the more unfortunate things that may happen. It’s worth taking time to consider the option of Children’s insurance and the … [Read more...]

Helping your parents plan for the unexpected

Getting older is a fact of life and with any luck, we will all live to a ripe, happy and defiant old age, enjoying ourselves with loved ones, friends, children and grandchildren. As much as we desire this for ourselves and our families, it is likely that there will be a need for some assistance at some point down the track. And, while many people say they would tell their families to put them … [Read more...]

Timing your investment decisions

It is very easy to let emotion control our investment decisions when experiencing market volatility: especially when we are being bombarded with constant media coverage reporting gloomy performance and falling share prices. Many people put off investing simply because they don’t know when to start – they are seeking “the best time”. Others who are already in the market worry when the news is … [Read more...]

Periodic Reviews are more than a necessity

One of the biggest challenges we have when planning for our financial security is determining the difference between what we really need…and what we’d like.   Working with a financial adviser can help identify the difference. This happens when the relationship is first established: when the adviser becomes familiar with your lifestyle, career and financial situation. The adviser will … [Read more...]

Why have Life Insurance…. do i need it?

Let’s start with a quick quiz: Are you married? Do you have dependent children? Do you have other dependent relatives? Do you have major financial obligations? Do you own a business? Do you have a large estate that will take time to distribute?   If you answered yes to any of the questions above, you probably need life insurance. Now that you know this is important for … [Read more...]

Legal Issues associated with retirement villages

Legal Issues associated with retirement villages   Buying into a retirement village is different from buying other residential property. The financial structures and legal titles can vary from village to village, so it's important to talk to your lawyer so that you understand their implications.   Get independent legal advice before you sign up with a retirement village. You are … [Read more...]

What is Market Volatility?

With share market volatility a daily part of news headlines, it's only natural to be concerned about how the fluctuations might be affecting the value of your investments. It can also be tempting to move your money into less risky investments. But don’t act too quickly!   Everyone has heard of the term “market volatility” but what is it exactly?   “Volatility” refers to the amount … [Read more...]

When is a self-managed super fund a good idea … and when is it not?

  The use of self-managed super funds has grown rapidly in Australia over the past five – seven years. But, is this the most appropriate vehicle for you?   Self-managed super funds are also known as DIY super funds. They can have up to four members and are generally established by an individual, a family or business partners to manage the investment of their own superannuation … [Read more...]

Redundancy – What do i do next?

  In our last article, we suggested some key immediate actions to take if you are experiencing redundancy. Today, our suggestions focus on actions you can take to move forward with your life and career.   Don’t delay your job search After you have been made redundant it is understandable to feel like you deserve a break, and to want to take some time out of the workforce. However you … [Read more...]