” A piece of paper that can change your world”

People say things in life are sent to test us and when you experience tragedy you reevaluate all things. I have had some major moments in my life where for some time I did reevaluate all things. The passing of my younger sister aged 31 years old from cancer, my Dad being diagnosed with kidney cancer and now living with only one very healthy kidney, but like most of us I became a prisoner to this fast paced world where we have no time to attend to the important things and like a mouse going some where fast all the time jumped back on the crazy wheel of life. But little did I know the two biggest changes were yet to come…………

My late husband and I have been in the world of finance and banking for many years and new the importance of being prepared for all the good, bad and ugly when it comes to financial matters whilst your living and beyond. I met my husband whilst working for a bank and as such many of Ross’s friends. Roy and Nadine became very close friends of ours and we celebrated being young and care free then more serious things in life like weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, the birth of our children, starting new career paths and life was great.Roy and Nadine have been a friends of ours for over 20 years and when it came time for Ross and I to do a health check on all our financial matters we couldn’t think of anyone better in caring for our needs than Roy and his team. We sat down with Roy and discussed what we needed and wanted, listened to his recommendations and made the decision to sign that ” piece of paper” knowing we now had protected what we had worked so hard for till now and beyond. Now remember Ross and I have experience in banking and finance and I am going to generalise here not many do when it comes to making decisions like this and even with all this experience and knowledge of that world,
Little did I know how much this would change “my world”.

Life went on and from time to time we jumped on and off the wheel of life. Things were moving at a fast pace and then the day came where the first of the two biggest changes were about to occur…….
It was Wednesday the 4th June 2014 and it was like any other normal day until approximately 3:15pm when I was working away at the bank and was greeted by two policeman who needed to speak with me…………the rest I will leave to you and I even struggle now to put into words but tick there was the first one of the two biggest changes.

The rest became a blur for many days,weeks, months and still three years later……BUT here comes number two of the two changes: ROY, his team and that piece of paper!!!!!!

My life and our two daughters ( my two pink ones: then 8 years old and 12 years old ) lives had been changed so much that day but the one thing ROY and his team were able to do is not allow any other part of our lives to change cause lets be honest I think that is enough for anyone in their life time to try and deal with. They did it all and I mean it all I never seen another piece of paper but,what I did see was how that piece of paper forever has changed my life and my two pink ones because of ROY and his team. Because of that day, that conversation, that time we stopped and got off the wheel of life and did what we all know is important but are too busy to do and the HFI team making the process so easy and ROY for all his advice, enthusiasm and expertise and for caring like you are family……………and for giving me back

“that piece of paper that has and will continue to change my life and my world ”

Forever grateful,

Sue-Ann, Hayley and Lacey Corby