Periodic Reviews are more than a necessity

One of the biggest challenges we have when planning for our financial security is determining the difference between what we really need…and what we’d like.


Working with a financial adviser can help identify the difference. This happens when the relationship is first established: when the adviser becomes familiar with your lifestyle, career and financial situation. The adviser will work with you to determine your tolerance for risk and identify those things that are really important to you.


Many things can influence what people want and how they choose to manage their finances. And, these things can change over time. Similarly, legislative and economic factors change.


When planned and managed astutely, the review is one of the most powerful advice and relationship activities provided by financial advisers. Regular review meetings are important to ensure the existing financial plan is always working as best as it can – and is still relevant.


Periodic reviews can be far more than a compliance requirement. They provide the opportunity to proactively manage the achievement of financial goals.


In the review meeting you are encouraged to address possible changes to the following issues. Your adviser can then make subsequent recommendations to adjust your financial plan accordingly:

  • financial planning needs and objectives
  • income and expenditure
  • family situation and health
  • life insurance needs
  • deductible and non-deductible debt
  • the economic environment
  • investment and superannuation portfolio performance
  • taxation position and any relevant changes in the current tax law
  • any opportunities to reduce tax payable
  • social security issues
  • new investment opportunities


While this is not a conclusive list, it suggests a long list of what can change and the issues to address when participating in an ongoing financial planning review. Ultimately, this is an opportunity for your adviser to demonstrate their competence and commitment to helping you achieve your goals.


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Information current as at 17 March 2016 – This information is of a general nature only and has been prepared without taking into account your particular financial needs, circumstances and objectives. While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information, it is not guaranteed. You should obtain professional advice before acting on the information contained in this publication. You should read the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) before making a decision about a product.