Total & Permanent Disability (TPD) – Protection when you are not able to work again

Being unable to ever work again due to total and permanent disability would have a serious emotional and financial impact on you and your family. Having adequate cover in place for such an event can help secure your financial future and give you peace of mind. Consider this... You have recently started work as a General Practitioner in a local doctor’s surgery after many years of study. You have … [Read more...]

Trauma Insurance – Protection when you need it the most

Trauma insurance With the advancement of medical science, we are now living longer and we are surviving illnesses and traumatic events that would have once resulted in an early death. This is great news! However, it is also important to consider your quality of life if you have been diagnosed with a serious illness. Consider this... You have a son aged 8 and a $200,000 mortgage. You work … [Read more...]