GET TO KNOW YOUR ADVISER - Roy Hall Q: Why do you do what you do? A: I’ve dedicated my life to helping my clients and educating people to plan ahead, whether it’s for their child’s education, wealth creation or their retirement superannuation, also protecting themselves and their families with risk insurance which also ensures that their future plans are protected.  I do it because I come … [Read more...]

Social media ban won’t stop cyberbullying

A cyber-hate expert says a proposal to ban an app that could aid online bullying is not the solution and instead societal attitudes need to change. Queensland mum Katrina, who has not disclosed her last name, started a petition to ban anonymous feedback app Sarahah following the tragic death of Northern Territory teen Dolly Everett, who took her own life. “I do not want my daughter or any … [Read more...]

Don’t Gamble on Financial Advice

Don’t Gamble On Financial Advice In an age of information overload and pervasive social media it seems everyone has an opinion they want to share. Being able to discriminate between what is useful and what is fanciful is increasingly important – especially when it comes to financial issues. A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing Ever had the temptation to jump on the web whenever you … [Read more...]

The Hidden Dangers of the Unplanned Estate

The Hidden Dangers of an Unplanned Estate  While most of us are aware of the importance of making a Will, there are other estate issues that may not be so obvious and can have dramatic consequences on family security. It’s not just the wealthy – all families need to plan for financial, legal, medical and child care decision making to ensure their wishes are carried out accurately. Estate … [Read more...]

Another aspect to taking care of your children

 The role of parent is challenging in so many ways. We are all busy providing for our children’s health, safety, growth and development. We make sure we protect our lives, our income and our major possessions. There are other ways we can protect our children from some of the more unfortunate things that may happen. It’s worth taking time to consider the option of Children’s insurance and the … [Read more...]

Timing your investment decisions

It is very easy to let emotion control our investment decisions when experiencing market volatility: especially when we are being bombarded with constant media coverage reporting gloomy performance and falling share prices. Many people put off investing simply because they don’t know when to start – they are seeking “the best time”. Others who are already in the market worry when the news is … [Read more...]

When is a self-managed super fund a good idea … and when is it not?

  The use of self-managed super funds has grown rapidly in Australia over the past five – seven years. But, is this the most appropriate vehicle for you?   Self-managed super funds are also known as DIY super funds. They can have up to four members and are generally established by an individual, a family or business partners to manage the investment of their own superannuation … [Read more...]

It won’t happen to me!

Here are a few statistics to prove otherwise... Stroke – 1 in 6 people will suffer a stroke! (leading cause of long term disability in AUS adults). Heart Attack – A 40 year old has a 1 in 2 (males) or 1 in 3 (females) chance of suffering a heart attack before age 70. On average, an Australian suffers from a heart attack every 11 minutes. Diabetes T1– 1 in 25 people whose parents suffered … [Read more...]

Total & Permanent Disability (TPD) – Protection when you are not able to work again

Being unable to ever work again due to total and permanent disability would have a serious emotional and financial impact on you and your family. Having adequate cover in place for such an event can help secure your financial future and give you peace of mind. Consider this... You have recently started work as a General Practitioner in a local doctor’s surgery after many years of study. You have … [Read more...]

What you need to know about life insurance online!!

Applying on line is simple…… no blood tests or medical exams, only a few questions about past medical conditions and the policy can be issued then and there… SIMPLE…. BUT DID YOU KNOW that in the majority of cases you are paying more than you need to be compared to a fully underwritten life insurance policy tailored to suit you. Life insurance policies attached to Health Funds tend to be the … [Read more...]