Life Insurance – Protect the ones you love

Most Australians will insure their car but neglect to insure their most valuable asset – themselves. In fact, many people do not even have sufficient life insurance to ensure their home loan is paid out in the event of their death, let alone provide a lump sum to their families to provide for their future.

Consider this…

You are married with two children in high school and a $250,000 mortgage. Your partner works full time and you have also recently returned to the workforce to help cover the daily bills. All is going well financially.
Then…the unthinkable happens and your partner is in a fatal car accident.
Would your salary alone be enough to meet the mortgage repayments, pay the daily living expenses of raising two teenage kids as well as the school expenses?

How would you cope financially?

How can life insurance help?

Life insurance provides a lump sum payment in the event of death or terminal illness. You choose the level of cover at time of application that best meets your circumstances and budget.
Having adequate cover in place can give you peace of mind, knowing that if the worst should happen, your family will be financially ok and able to maintain their standard of living.

The funds could be used to:

• repay the mortgage or other outstanding debts
• invest and create an ongoing income stream to replace lost wages
• meet education and/or childcare expenses
• help with estate planning or business buyouts

Flexibility in the way you structure your cover. You may hold Life Cover as a stand alone policy or link TPD and or Trauma Cover with Life Cover, which may be a more cost effective solution.
Where you do choose linked cover, you are able to hold some of the cover in super and the other cover outside super. Two different owners but priced like one linked policy – this is what we refer to as flexi linking.

If you choose to hold the Life Cover in LifeSolutions Super, our insurance only superannuation product, you may fund your insurance premiums via a tax paid rollover from any complying super fund. You will also receive a 15% tax benefit for doing so, making the cost of your cover even more affordable.

Worldwide cover means you are fully covered, 24 hours per day anywhere in the world.

Guaranteed upgrade of benefits means we will automatically pass on any future enhancements to your policy provided they do not result in an increase in your premium.
Guaranteed renewable means we guarantee to renew your Life Cover each year up until the policy expiry, so long as you continue to pay your premiums when due. We cannot cancel your cover, or increase your individual premiums because of any change in your health, occupation or pastimes.

A range of built in benefits are included as well as a selection of extra cost options which will allow you to tailor your Life Cover to your specific needs.