It won’t happen to me!

Here are a few statistics to prove otherwise…

Stroke1 in 6 people will suffer a stroke! (leading cause of long term disability in AUS adults).

Heart Attack – A 40 year old has a 1 in 2 (males) or 1 in 3 (females) chance of suffering a heart attack before age 70. On average, an Australian suffers from a heart attack every 11 minutes.

Diabetes T11 in 25 people whose parents suffered from T1 Diabetes will develop the disease themselves.

Cancer1 in 4 (females) or 1 in 3 (males) will be diagnosed with a cancer before age 75. 1 in 11 (males/females) will suffer from Prostate/Breast cancer before age 75.

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) – Every 10 minutes an Australian dies from CVD

Source:TAL QLD