Legal Issues associated with retirement villages

Legal Issues associated with retirement villages   Buying into a retirement village is different from buying other residential property. The financial structures and legal titles can vary from village to village, so it's important to talk to your lawyer so that you understand their implications.   Get independent legal advice before you sign up with a retirement village. You are … [Read more...]

Redundancy – What do I do first?

  If you’re one of the thousands who have been made redundant – either on a forced or voluntary basis – it can be hard to know what to do next.   Being made redundant can be shocking, unexpected and life changing. Losing your job can be one of the most dislocating and confronting experiences of your life, even when it’s an option you have actively chosen.   The good … [Read more...]

The Possible Benefits of ” Transition of Retirement”

Transition to Retirement Income streams were originally introduced in July 2005 to help Australians who wanted to transition to retirement via part-time work. By starting a TTR, you don’t have to retire to withdraw your super benefits. You can work part-time or full-time or even casually. There are three major potential benefits available. Boost your super savings With a transition to … [Read more...]

What is Transition to Retirement Pension

You no longer need to wait until you are retired to benefit from your superannuation. If you are over 55 a ‘transition to retirement’ strategy can enable you to dramatically increase your super accumulation or to reduce working hours without losing any take home income. What is a transition to retirement pension? A transition to retirement pension is a type of superannuation pension that allows … [Read more...]

Transition to retirement opportunity – now even better

Are you aged 55 or older and own a superannuation account? Have you considered a transition to retirement strategy to boost your retirement savings? For many, commencing a transition to retirement pension has been a very successful way to enhance superannuation savings for the future and recent changes to super rules have made the strategy even more attractive. From 1 July 2013, those 60 years … [Read more...]