When can i access my super?

When can I access my super? While it is important to understand your superannuation and the integral role it plays in saving for your retirement, it is just as important to know when and how you can access your money. You don’t have to wait until you’re retired to start thinking about accessing your super. Generally speaking, you can access your super: When you reach preservation age and … [Read more...]

How Much Superannuation Will I Need?

How much Superannuation will I need? Your retirement may be a distant thought or it may be just around the corner. Either way, it's important to know you'll be able to afford the lifestyle you want and deserve. While Australian employers are required to contribute at least 9.5% of your salary to super, you need to work out if this will be enough for you to live comfortably in … [Read more...]

ASIC watching One Big Switch Insurance Promotion

ASIC is monitoring the controversial One Big Switch domestic insurance promotion but says it is too early to say if consumers are being misled. The News Corp-backed promotion has so far signed up more than 67,000 Australians, with a view to offering them a bulk discount on their home and contents cover. NIBA CEO Dallas Booth says he has spoken to ASIC about concerns that consumers could be … [Read more...]