When do I need advice about my superannuation?

When do I need advice about my superannuation?

With all that’s happening in financial markets at the moment, it’s only natural to be looking for help to make sense of it all. Like all of us, you want to know what the changing markets mean for you, your family, your savings and your future. And when it comes to seeking financial advice, the best time is now!

If you are not sure when to seek advice about your super, it is a good idea to speak to a financial adviser if you are:

  • Wondering if you are on track to financially provide for your desired retirement lifestyle
  • Unsure of which super fund option is best for you
  • Considering consolidating your super funds into one fund
  • Considering setting up a self-managed super fund
  • Deciding whether to have your insurance within superannuation
  • Interested in increasing your contributions to your super fund
  • Retired and looking to redeem your superannuation


Your financial adviser can assist with getting you financially ready for retirement or assist you in maximising your super when you do retire. Why not schedule a meeting with your financial adviser now?


Information current as at 4 June 2015

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