MDRT 2013 Annual Meeting – June 2013

Australian presenters have made an outstanding contribution to the 2013 MDRT Annual Meeting in Philadelphia, which has come to a close.

More than 8,000 delegates attended MDRT this year, from 74 different countries. Main platform and focus sessions were translated into more languages than occurs at the United Nations. It was a huge event that catered to all financial advisers seeking to improve and/or enhance their business and personal lives.

The nature of the topics presented was extremely diverse, ranging from ‘whole person’ topics through to practice management issues, wealth management, life insurance, sales, marketing and practice management.

Australians spoke at all three of the event levels, which included brief, concise sessions at MDRT’s ‘ConneXion Zone’, through to focus sessions catering to more than a thousand people, and to the main platform presentations, where Australia’s Emmanuel Kelly (from the TV show, the X Factor) commanded a standing ovation from the 8,000+ delegates following his story of courage in overcoming immense personal challenges.

Seven high-achieving Australian advisers spoke variously at the ConneXion Zone and focus sessions:

  • Tony Bongiorno
  • Russell Collins
  • Roy Hall
  • Peter Hartnell
  • Guy Mankey
  • Angus McQueen
  • Godfrey Phillips

In addition to the seven advisers, presentations were also made by Australian trainer and executive coach, Caroline New and digital think tank strategist, Anders Sorman-Nilsson.

Brisbane adviser, Roy Hall and friend, carry the Australian flag at the 2013 MDRT Annual Meeting flag ceremony

Advisers can click through to our special MDRT 2013 news page, where we have already published a variety of stories based on this years’ presentations. We will add more articles over the coming weeks.

MDRT offers significant networking opportunities, not just through the main programme events, but also through the many luncheons and other functions, both formal and informal, that have become a tradition over many years at MDRT. The annual ‘Aussie Night’, held on the Monday evening at MDRT, saw most of Australia’s 111 delegates joined by a large number of guests from other countries, where the event generated many free-flowing thoughts and ideas, particularly as the evening wore on…

Just before the commencement of MDRT, riskinfo conducted an International Adviser Round Table discussion in Philadelphia (sponsored by MDRT Australia’s Platinum partner, Zurich). It was attended by a number of Australian advisers and guests, together with advisers from the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. We will report on the outcomes of our discussions, where it became obvious which issues impacted advisers only within their own countries and which issues were universal, such as the role of social media in the changing landscape of how people communicate with each other. We thank all the Round Table contributors for their forthright and passionate contributions.

The Australian contingent at MDRT 2013 – Emmanuel Kelly front, centre

MDRT’s Annual Meeting is being held next year in Toronto, Canada, from June 8 – 11 2014, where MDRT Australia will be encouraging all qualifying Australian advisers to consider attending.