Gold Coast Business Excellence Awards – 7th October 2008

Gold Coast Business News 7th October 2008

HALL Finance and Insurance Solutions describes itself as a one stop shop for all finance and insurance needs but Roy Hall says it has been hard work and perseverance all the way.
“After leaving school I worked my way up the ranks working for two banking organisations. I felt that clients didn’t always receive the service they needed, because if they didn’t fit the banks criteria or rules then the bank did not want them as a customer and I found this difficult to deal with because I don’t like not being able to assist people if they ask for my help,” says Hall.
“This was the biggest motivation for me to start my own company and fulfil the missing links of the big bank.”
His customer-is-king attitude has ensured that he was able to build the business from being a one man show to having two offices: one on the Gold Coast and one in Bundaberg.
Hall has a string of accolades under his belt which he says motivates him to strive for a bigger better business.
“I have been extremely proud and privileged of my achievements with regards to the awards I have received from the Gold Coast Business Excellence Awards, Suncorp and BRW. This recognition motivates me and I plan to achieve further awards,” says Hall.
Hall plans to expand the business interstate within the next 10 years but says maintaining a balanced lifestyle between work and personal life is important to him.
“At the moment my mentors are people that successfully balance their business and family life because I have a wife and two small children and want to enjoy my life with them as much as I enjoy running my business.”