10 Year Anniversary for HFI Group of Companies

10 Year Anniversary for HFI Group of Companies10 Year Anniversary

Our success and growth from a firm which started with myself and Nadine sitting around the table with zero clients to our present size where we handle in excess of five thousand clients per year is due to a variety of factors. As I look back on things, I think the most significant factor is the people who have touched our lives; some only for a short while but many have been with us from the very beginning.

Each and every one of you has had quite an impact on our lives and many still do to this day. I want to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your support over the last ten years.

In December of 2003 a series of events occurred which presented the opportunity for us to begin our own business. Without your support, we would surely not have survived. There were also several clients that contributed greatly and remain clients, friends, and confidants to this day. Thankyou for trusting us in those early days.
As the years progressed and we grew, certain clients, employees and friends made great contributions in shaping us into the firm we are now. Those special clients who have been with us seemingly forever and are truly our friends; Thanks.

There are also those employees who may no longer be with us but it can be said that we would not be the same today were it not for them; Thanks.

There are also those friends and colleagues that were there when things may have looked a little gloomy and they served to help us get through those days; Thanks.

I would also like to thank my existing staff who is responsible for making this whole place run. Many of you continue to shape this firm and I look forward to your continued contributions. Thanks.

I would be remiss if I didn’t say a special thanks to my parents and in-laws who always provided encouragement. And to my kids, Shayla and Bayley, who literally spent many a night playing “quietly” while Dad worked. Thanks.

Today, as we enter our second decade, we are excited about the prospect of continued growth.

We have a new addition to the business which is our Accounting arm and Metta has joined us for the long term. We have also grown our Insurance department by employing Peta who is a new Account Manager to ensure our client first principle.

We are excited about the growth and the additional capability this gives us to ensure our clients are always looked after.

We are confident that we will continue to be shaped by our employees and our clients. We are also confident that the type of relationships we have, marked by trust, partnership, and true friendship will continue and that more long term relationships will be built.


Roy Hall